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Art Retreat

Forget about everything except learning and having fun

  • In this Costa Dvorezky workshop, you will learn to paint precise though loose. You will live in a mansion where you will be super well attended, surrounded by nature and interesting people. Can you picture this? Holidays with a tribe of art lovers, learning from Costa Dvorezky. What are you waiting for? Grab your spot!

    Costa Dvorezky

  • Would you like to study with Hollis Dunlap in Menorca? >>Open tuition for Hollis Dunlap workshop

    Hollis Dunlap

  • Would you like to study alla prima portraiture with Sean Cheetham in Menorca? >>Sean Cheetham workshop >> Open tuition for Hollis Dunlap workshop

    Sean Cheetham

  • Warning: this is not a workshop, it’s a beast mode Bootcamp Yep, Jeremy Mann and Nadezda won’t do a workshop as we’re used to. >>Well, do you have what it takes to enter his group?

    Jeremy Mann & Nadezda

  • Kent williams WORKSHOP! Grab your spot @ Menorca Pulsar - Art Retreat

    Kent Williams