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Menorca Pulsar is an Art Residency made by artists for artists.

Jorge Fernández Alday

(Bilbao 1976) Platonist, I go deep

I consider myself a seeker. I don’t seek anything in particular, I think seeking might be the thing itself. I’m not looking for perfection in my work; as I usually say: “perfection is not beautiful, beauty lies in the appropriate mistakes”. And, though I’m more into expression and suggestion, I’ve always believed that a solid academic foundation is essential in any artist’s development. I also combine my personal artist work with teaching, and since 2005 I teach Drawing an Painting at CREAE Espacio Creativo.

Carles Gomila

(Ciutadella 1978) Aristotelian, I go far

I’m afraid that I´m too contemporary to be disappointed in the Avant- garde of Babel, and I feel free 
representing the human figure, redeeming the values of classical art from a contemporary perspective.
I try to transfer to the paint all that surrounds the aura of the classics, the commitment of the timeless that nourishes the bodies of a vigorous momentum. A painting tender and yet disturbing, evocative, lively, with body, restraint, and elegance.



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