We love painting so much!

Did you ever dream of sharing a glass of wine with your favorite artist and with a group of art lovers?

Menorca Pulsar is an Art farm where not improving is not an option. Our mansion is in the perfect place to get inspired: Menorca, a small island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

During Spring and Fall —two magical seasons on the island where everything is in perfect calm— a teacher and a tribe of artists from all over the world come together to share work and free time. A real Painting lover makes a toast with his favorite artist with a paint-stained glass. Are you up for it? The good thing: it’s forbidden not to meet interesting people. The bad thing: leaving will be painful.

Our motto: “if a workshop does not transform you, it’s not a good workshop.” — We guarantee you’ll have a great time, you’ll meet great people and you’ll learn a ton.



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