Art Retreat

Forget about everything except learning and having fun


Because Nirvana for a Painting lover is not drinking cocktails under a coconut tree. A real Painting lover makes a toast with his favorite artist with a paint-stained glass.

You’d better start sharpening your brushes because we’ve gathered some amazing artists for October 2018. Hollis Dunlap, Sean Cheetham, Jeremy Mann & Nadezda. It’s a big lineup, we’re going to have a great time! 🎨🍷



  • Hollis Dunlap workshop @ Menorca Pulsar – Art Retreat in Spain 🎨

    Hollis Dunlap

  • Sean Cheetham Workshop @ Menorca Pulsar - Art Retreat in Spain 🎨

    Sean Cheetham

  • Jeremy Mann & Nadezda

  • Mark Tennant

  • Nick Alm Workshop @ Menorca Pulsar, Art Retreat in Spain

    Nick Alm


Overwhelmed? Let me guide you: